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S2P, Science to Practice, Ltd.

Company S2P, Science to Practice, Ltd was established in 2010 with the aim of research and development work, primarily in the field of kinesiology, medicine, rehabilitation and measurement technologies.

Even before the formal establishment the current research group worked together on different projects within which ideas to develop certain products were born. At the moment, our products cover multiple measurement modules that are regularly used in sports medicine. The initial team has since expanded with new collaborators in the fields of development, research and marketing. The company is aiming to become one of the leading institutions for diagnostics and science in sports medicine.

Due to constant development of new measurement modules and procedures, the company additionally focused on offering professional services to a wider population using our state-of-the-art equipment. In 2013 the company launched a novel exercise and diagnostics centre where our  highly educated team works with athletes and patients. The two main areas of focus are cycling and lower back pain.


Company’s headquarters are based in Technology Park in  Ljubljani.

A: Tehnološki park 19
1000 Ljubljana



  • Program director

Borut is a former mountain biker in the Olympic discipline cross country. After his career as a cyclist he started working as a cycling coach and consulter for body position optimisation. He completed his undergraduate study of physical conditioning at the Faculty of sport, University of Ljubljana and masters study of exercise physiology at the University of Primorska.

Borut obtained a doctoral degree at the University of Birmingham in the UK with a research focus in biomechanics, motor control and ergonomics during cycling. His overall aim is to design new guidelines and a measurement module for bike fitting for individuals with different objectives and needs.

He is head of the S2P Cycling Science programme on which he has intensively worked for the last few years. He helped to design and produce the multiple times awarded patent adjustable seat post and has many scientific and professional publications to his name on topics including motor control, biomechanics, recovery and ergonomics.


  • S2P CEO

Dr Šarabon is a lecturer of undergraduate and postgraduate modules in the department of applied kinesiology at the University of Primorska. At the same time he is the managing director and founder of S2P, Science to Practice, Ltd.

He has simultaneously completed undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Sport and Physiotherapy at the University of Ljubljana. At the same institution he later completed a PhD and post-doc in the field of neurophysiology.

Throughout his career he has worked as a coach and consultant in the field of physical conditioning and rehabilitation. Within S2P Cycling Science he works as the principle physiotherapist and offers support to the rest of the team. He is actively involved in lectures and workshops for injury prevention and recovery. He is also the head of the research group and closely involved in the products design used in S2P Cycling Science.


  • External collaborator

Aleksej completed his undergraduate study at the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana and is also a certified cycling coach. He is still active in cycling as a cyclist and has twice participated in an ultra-marathon cycling race around Slovenia. From a professional point of view he is interested in endurance sports like cycling, running and cross country skiing.

He is in the final stages of a masters study of applied kinesiology at the University of Primorska with his research focussing on cycling biomechanics.

In S2P Cycling Science Aleksej works as an external collaborator for bike fitting, sport diagnostics and personal training. He is also closely involved with the research and development work of the company. His aim is to bridge the gap between the high-tech services and end users.

Development team

A group of mechanical, electro and software engineers are providing constant support with development and upgrades of measurement systems used in the services provided by S2P Cycling Science. The development team is headed by Dr Andrej Panjan who is also the principle software developer for the software using algorithms of artificial intelligence. Miroslav Savić covers the development of electronics and acquisition software. Mechanical development and industrial design is done by our mechanical engineer Barbara Bastar who is also involved in the prototype testing process.

Kinesiotherapy team

Therapeutical team, headed by Dr Nejc Šarabon is complemented by our physiotherapist Matej Voglar and kinesiotherapist Jernej Rošker. All members are properly educated and certified with years of experiences in athletes’ rehabilitation. The team is closely linked with physicians and specialists from sport medicine clinics in Slovenia and abroad.


Research team

The highly referenced research group "Laboratory for Motor Control and Motor Behaviour” in the company S2P is also very active in the filed of biomechanics, ergonomics, and motor control during cycling. The group collaborates with different institutions at home and abroad.


S2P, Ltd.

The main part of the company, S2P, is providing new technologies and full technical support. The research group is responsible for all the research carried out with cycling products.


Motus Melior, Sportski i rehabilitacijski centar

Motus Melior is an exercise-diagnostics centre in Zagreb with highly experienced professionals for physical conditioning, rehabilitation and nutrition consultations. We collaborate with them for organising lectures and workshops.


ZVD, Centre for sports medicine, Ljubljana


The centre for sports medicine at ZVD is providing functional diagnostics. We collaborate with Dr Petra Zupet, specialists of sports medicine, in the filed of rehabilitation and clinical treatments of the cyclists.



ZD Metelkova, Centre for occupational, transport and sport medicine


The centre for occupational, transport and sport medicine in ZD Metelkova (Ljubljana) is providing functional diagnostics for different athletes. Physician specialist Dr Martin Zorko is actively involved in the process of rehabilitation and clinical treatments of the cyclists.



University of Primorska, Applied Kinesiology

Pedagogical and research collaboration in the field of sport training, recovery and kinesiotherapy is directly transferred to practice. We collaborate in some of the undergraduate and postgraduate modules.



University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport, Laboratory for Biomechanics

We have an established collaboration with the laboratory for biomechanics at the Faculty of Sport which is focused on the biomechanics of cycling. Head of the laboratory is Dr Matej Supej, a renowned researcher for biomechanics.




Nejc Sarabon, PhD
Managing Director
M: +386 40429505
E: nejc.sarabon@s2p.si

Miroslav Savic
Software developer
M: +386 51345376
E: miroslav.savic@s2p.si
Andrej Panjan
Head of development
M: +386 31245205
E: andrej.panjan@s2p.si

Barbara Bastar
Mechanical developer
E: barbara.bastar@s2p.si
Jernej Rokšer
Research and Development Assistant
M: +386 51388047
E: jernej.rosker@s2p.si

Borut Fonda
Research and Development Assistant
M: +386 40202396
E: borut.fonda@s2p.si