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Operation financing

Co-funded by the European structural and investment funds. 

Unique tool for cycling biomechanics diagnostics

Forped is a unique tool for cycling biomechanics diagnostics designed for experts to record 3-dimensional forces and torques at the pedals. The system is wireless with instant data acquisition to a smart device via a user-friendly app. It provides the user with a detailed insight into cycling mechanics.

See mora about Forped: www.forped.eu 

Forped story

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that bicycles move forward by pedalling. In theory, the harder you push, the faster you’ll go. Do you? Have you considered the amount of energy you waste by producing muscle force that is not contributing to pedalling? Not many people do and that’s because they are not really sure how much force is actually wasted and how much is generating power.

In 1981 scientists implemented load cells into a custom built pedal platform and for the first time recorded forces at the shoe-pedal interface. Besides having limited computer technology and electronics, they were still able to conclude that humans don’t operate like robots and in fact apply a lot of ineffective force to the pedals. Other research groups worldwide followed the innovative idea and started exploring the full potential of optimising pedal forces. We were one of those groups.

We developed the first force pedals in 2009 with 2-dimensional force measurement and the ability to simultaneously record pedal kinematics. Since then, we were continually upgrading the capabilities for research use. In 2017 we reached a milestone by being the first company in the market to provide completely wireless and standalone 6-component force pedals with direct acquisition to a smart device. Forped was described as one of 5 Performance Technologies That Will Change the Way You Ride (bicycling.com).

Why Forped?

Improve Performance
Optimise the pedal stroke and improve mechanical effectiveness. Prevent InjuriesIdentify risk factors and prevent non-traumatic injury occurrence.

Understand how pedalling mechanics changes at different intensities and fitness levels.

Clinical practice use
Get detailed insight on pedal load and understand/correct the mechanisms behind non-traumatic injuries. 

Quick Setup
It only takes 5 minutes to mount the pedals and start recording.

Ease of Use
Completely wireless system with easy to use tablet based app.

A unique tool

Unique tool for cycling biomechanics diagnostics in 
bike fitting
performance enhancement
clinical practice
sport science

Where to get it?

Forped can be used in a daily bike fitting and performance optimisation practice, as well as at universities and research institutes for scientific research. It provides the most powerful tool to get a direct insight into cycling mechanics.  

See more at www.forped.eu