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Cycling injuries often occur due to excessive loading as a consequence of improper bike fit and/or too much training. The last phase of the rehabilitation and prevention for injury re-occurrence is kinesiotherapy. Our team of top experts headed by Dr Nejc Šarabon have long-term experience in the field and offer one-on-one approach.

Cyclists with lower back pain have an additional option to undergo a complete assessment of the neuro-muscular mechanisms of the trunk as part of the TNC project where S2P played a key role in the development. Further information about the method itself is available on TNC project website (www.tnc-projekt.si).


From a complete beginner to a professional athlete, they all need to go through a training process to reach the goals set by themselves. With experiences in the field of physical conditioning and sports training we provide consultations to coaches and cyclists with regard to their training processes.

We work as a member of an interdisciplinary team of experts to offer advice on diagnostics and periodisation. If required, we lead specific training to oversee if one is performing the training correctly.


Recovery after a training session is one of the most important parts in the process of progress. Insufficient recovery after training can lead to overtraining and consequential decrements in physical performance. To hasten the recovery process athletes often seek to use different recovery modalities, which need to be applied in the correct dose and at the correct time.

Based on our own research and a thorough literature review we consult athletes and coaches on how to properly implement recovery techniques in athletes’ training processes. We often work as a member of an interdisciplinary team of experts that looks after an athlete. We’re also organising workshops and lectures.